Sunday, 14 March 2010

Skin care routine

Ello again!

I think for my first 'real' post I'm going to talk about my skin care routine. The products I use are pretty much all Lush products!

I use Angels On Bare Skin cleanser morning and night, it does a very good job of cleaning my skin without making it really dry, this is because it has lavender and rose which are known for their calming properties.

When you first see it you think what on earth?! Its a big lump of greyish coloured clay
like substance in a pot lol. To use it you take a penny sized amount, mix it with a few drops of water to make a paste to cleanse your face with and rinse off.
It has mild exfoliating properties but not at all harsh just very little so it gives you a good clean! It is a bit of a hassle using but you get used to it very quickly. I find it keeps my skin balanced, not too dry or oily and does a very good job of cleaning it, my skin almost glows after I've used it!

After cleansing I use Breath of Fresh Air toner also by Lush. My skin for some reason doesn't get on with most of toners but this one works really well for me. Nothing special to be honest just a nice refreshing toner. I am a little annoyed with the packaging, its a pump spray but my one doesn't seem to work :S but hey never mind not the end of the world!

Another lush product I use is the Vanishing cream. This moisturizer is amazing, its very good for people with combination skin. My skin just soaks it up, doesn't feel oily nor does it leave my skin still feeling dry! It balances out so perfectly across my face and deals with the oily parts and the dry parts with no hassle at all! Another plus point: a little goes a long long way!

This is what I do morning and night the only extra things I do is use a fresh face mask every 2 days, I use Brazened Honey. Its very exfoliating and clarifying, gives my skin a wonderful glow. It has ground turmeric in it which in indian traditions a bride uses before her wedding to make her skin tone even and give a healthy glow. I must say this mask does have that affect too!

Right, I think thats enough rambling for one post, its got quite long! I hope you enjoyed reading it, if i made any mistakes or you have suggestion how to improve the quality of my posts etc feel free to email me :)

LadyGlitter xoxo

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