Monday, 15 March 2010

A quick trip to Boots!

It just so happens, today I purchased 2 other products on a whim whilst in Boots (UK drugstore). They are by GoodSkin Labs, the first one is called Lumecin.
This product is an 'overnight brightening treatment' and is supposed to even out skin tone, improve skin clarity and reduce appearance of pores. It claims results can be seen within 2 weeks. I decided to give this a go as although I'm quite happy with my skin I want to give it that extra 'oomph' and also I do have some enlarged pores which I cannot seem to shrink back!

To go with this I also purchased the eye treatment Eyliplex-2 as I have dark circles under my eyes, again it claims to reduce appearance of dark circles within 4 weeks. I only purchased the products today so I cant say much about them. I will be doing a full review on them in 2 weeks time to let you know how I get on with them and give you more details about the products too!

LadyGlitter xoxo

Product image source: Google images.

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