Thursday, 25 March 2010

A little update

Hey! I back again!
I know I have left it a little long since my last post but I needed the time to work on my disso for uni and had various other things going on but i am back now and will hopefully stay on top of everything :)

So what else is new hmmm ohh yess as of late a makeup website called has put up Sigma brushes!! In the UK its pretty hard to get hold of them, well I think so anyway as you have to order them from USA and so have to pay tax etc and ends up costing a lot! So when I saw them on lovemakeup I jumped at the chance!! I purchased 5 brushes I would take a picture but unfortunately my camera is being silly and not connecting to my laptop :(
I'm sure you have seen them anyway but I will tell you which ones I bought: ss190, ss168, ss187, ss252 and the ss209! They are sooo beautiful and such great quality! Definatly go check them out! They selling out pretty quickly!

This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the past week! I am trying not to go purchasing anything else now, I want to save up for the Liberty of London collection by MAC. There are a few items in that collection I have my eyes on! I missed out on the ONE product I wanted from the bottem of my heart from the Spring Forecast collection, the blush ombre in Ripe Peach, it suited my skin tone so perfectly :'( I am determined not to miss anything this time!!

I think i'm going to leave it at this for now I should get back to my disso!! I will be back soon!

Take care
LadyGlitter xoxo

pic source: google

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