Wednesday, 14 April 2010


How are you all? hope you are all well.
This is just going to be a quick post i just wanted to update you with what was happening. I have some bad news :( I was involved in a car crash so have been very busy with that lately trying to sort it out, my car is just totally mashed up :( its so depressing not having a car lol I can't go shopping, bus takes too long!

Anyway I just thought I'd let you know something I just discovered (you may already know this). I was browsing ELF website after watching Ling's video on ELF's Hi def powder and I came across the 'ELF Makeup Collections'. There's  Mini, Essential and Master sets. Seems quite interesting. They look to be a bit like the 88 palette...hmmm intriguing....! Let me know what you think? worth the money or leave alone?  Here's the link:

Thats all for now, Don't forget to check out Ling's Youtube she's awesome :D here's link:

Take care
LadyGlitter xoxo

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A bit of everything!

First of  all before I say any other thing I want to say A BIG BIG THANK YOU to my new subscribers :D thank you!! I'm sooo elated and happy :D
And also sorry not updating in a while I have been busy with uni as you know, and then there were so many weddings and birthdays these past 2 weeks! Hectic times!
I have a bit of everything in this post, a review and a mini haul from MAC I'll try to keep it as a concise and easy to read as possible :)
I promised I would do a review on Lumecin and Eyliplex products I purchased a few weeks ago, and I think now is the time to do so. I don't want to bore you with lots of writing so for those of you who want a quick answer I LOVE Lumecin and HATE Eyliplex-2!!  and now in more detail (lol) :
I really noticed a difference in my skin from Lumecin within a week of using it. This is a skin brightening TREATMENT.  It states to you it every night for 2 weeks and then start reducing to a couple of nights a week. What this product does is make you skin clear and evenly toned and thus more brighter. For me, this worked wonders, I noticed my skin starting to clear up within a week, My skin was much more brighter and any acne marks started to reduce. Its effortless, just apply a pea sized amount at night after cleansing, thats it!
On the other hand the eye cream, which has the same purpose, it is supposed to help with dark circles under the eyes, it didn't do anything for me. In fact the skin under my eyes became dry. It has 2 eye creams in one packaging, day and night. The day side is a gel like consistency and I hated this, I would put it on wait for it to dry just like the directions but then any concealer I applied would just flake right off, along with the eye cream! The night cream is a thick consistency felt lovely applying but didn't see any results with it what so ever.
They are quiet expensive, in fact £30 each from boots which I believe is the only place they can be purchased in the UK. Lumecin is totally worth the money I believe as I have never seen such results so quickly but the eye cream I would definitely not recommend.

On to the mini haul. I'm sure you all know of MAC's latest collection, Give me Liberty of London! Well I was looking forward to this for such a long time but when I swatched most of the products they weren't quite right for me :( Most of the colours didn't work for my skin tone (NC40-42). I purchased 2 things; a lipstick in Petals and Peacocks, a very vibrant pink with amplified finish. Its gorgeous! I also purchased Birds and Berries eyeshadow, a lovely bluey greeny tealy colour (lol) Its a veluxe pearl finish so has that lovely texture thats not too overpowering.  I would do swatches so you can see how they compare against my colouring but unfortunately my camera is still not working :(

Right before this post get any longer, I shall leave it at this, will be back soon hopefully with a camera that works!
Take care
Lady Glitter xoxo

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